Brett and Teresa

 Brett is from Canada and worked in the seismic / geophysical industry but had a passion for sailing and that’s what he’s doing right now, full time and loving it. He is the captain/ handyman on board ensuring we get from A to B safely.Brett snowmobiling







Teresa is originally from New Zealand and has a passion for traveling and getting Brett out and enjoying life. She met Brett, while traveling with girl friends down the Baja in Mexico and then moved to Canada. She’s learning the sailing life and so far alls good…

Teresa New YorkTeresa  Aligator








T&B out for dinnerT&B golfing

T&B sailing Florida





3 thoughts on “Brett and Teresa

  1. What a great tour I had through the Carribean looking at your blog. I hadn’t been in since you headed off so it was super seeing all the interesting places you visited.
    Hope your problems with cat. are sorted and good luck on your future travels.

  2. Hi All, looks like you are having a fabulous time and great weather!!! We were most impressed to see you both snorkelling, Mum was worried you might be eaten or attacked by a whale!?
    Keep up the good work in the galley Gail and make sure they keep your wine topped up.
    Have a lovely time together and hope to see the slide show when you get back.

  3. Looks like you are having a great time, I am impressed by your ability to live life to the fullest, keep up the good work, you are my inspiration.

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