Laid back Anegada, BVI

Anegada 12 miles from Virgin Gorda is a flat island with reefs all around and a desert type landscape, so different from all the other islands in the BVIs. It’s a really sleepy place where you listen to the wind blowing all about, the waves lapping on the hulls and you go for walks on the pristine long white beaches with not a sole about.









There are quite a few places to choose to go out for dinner but you have to book and tell them what you are eating by 4pm so they can make sure they have the seafood available.  We went out for dinner to Neptunes Treasure to eat the famous lobster. The bar had happy hour from 4 – 6 so of course we had to lime. The jungle juice was a little too tasty.


We went out to Loblolly Bay for an afternoon to see the apparently good snorkeling but were disappointed. The coral was not too good and you probably should have gone to the outside of the reef but the breakers were pounding the reef. P1040714

A kite surfer was out enjoying the bay jumping over snorkelers and providing entertainment. The bay itself was quite exposed to the winds. P1040717

Loblolly’s onsite restaurant and bar was very colorful and a great place to just kick back.P1040721P1040722



Very relaxing 4 days.

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