In the boatyard at Nanny Cay, BVIs

We have spent 4 days at Nanny Cay Marina in the BVIs, out of the water in the boatyard getting new bottom paint applied and working on a few boat jobs.












The marina facilities are pretty impressive with great showers, a pool and a beach area. Very nice, shame we were too busy to use everything.
P1040865 P1040867











We were set back in the water with a nice clean looking bottom and polished sides.

Our starboard engine had cooling water and everything ran fine however, our port engine was not getting cooling water through it while running. We had replaced a leaky salt water pump during this haul with one we recently had rebuilt. The rebuilder was nice enough to put the pump on backwards on the bracket thus when it was installed on the engine it pumped water the wrong direction and we couldn’t keep a prime. After Brett tried for 1/2 hour in the loading dock and not getting it fixed we manhandled the boat to a side dock as boats were there waiting to get pulled out. The local mechanic spent an hour doing what Brett had already tried then he had a brainstorm that the pump was on backwards and yes another hour later everything was good and we left the side dock. Phew!


P1040879Got to leave the BVIs. We are Heading to Puerto Rico’s Spanish Virgin Islands to hopefully go diving with Jen & Richard from Our Rose.

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