Boat jobs on the Rio Dulce

In the Rio Dulce in Guatemala we have had local people working on various projects, spending ways too much money (but helping out the local Guatemalan economy). Life of a boat owner! Even managed to practice my Spanish with the workers here. Here’s some of the big jobs we did up the Rio Dulce:

1. Replacement of our cracked glass coach top window with non-skid gel coat, thanks to Arney from Nana Juana yard. The glass top was always covered as it was too hot in the tropics. IMG_1096

2. Removal of a fiberglass corner table between the two couches, by Arney so we could make a “L” seat for more comfort, so yes the cushions needed to be replaced too & Elmer did a great job on this.


3. New lounge table and extendable legs. Thanks to Isaiah who made our table & Tom the sailmaker who organized it for us down at Texas Bay.




4. A sunshade to keep the boat cool in hot climates was also made by Elmer and included a water catching system. Given how long I was here I really appreciated the sunshade to keep the boat cool.

5. The big job for us was coppercoat on her bottom so we don’t need to be hauled for a while.

Sanded back to the gelcoat first

Sanded back to the gelcoat first and looking good

Coppercoat applied

Enjoying a cold one with Arney, Jesus & Hector after working all day applying the Copper coat

Enjoying a cold one with Arney, Jesus & Hector after working all day applying the Copper coat

Just before getting back in the water we had the boat cleaned and polished by Donis Zapata and his team here at the marina. They did an amazing job and we’d highly recommend them.

Prices cruisers are being quoted on the Rio Dulce for work being done was not as cheap as we were led to believe prior to coming. Costs are going up and we think will continue to go up. Not sure if the quality and work ethic is always there given the prices quoted but is still significantly less expensive than the USA.

At last we are ready to head out towards The Bay Islands, Honduras. We have a weather window this coming week so are heading out while the winds can help us go East. Nice to be back on the water.

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