Discovering Tahiti

The Downtown Papeete Marina was an excellent place to enjoy all that Tahiti had to offer after the Tuamotus. With lots of restaurants and bars, a nice park to relax, shops and a busy harbor with boats going in every direction we got our fill of city living.

Cruise ships, super yachts and us

At Les 3 Brasseurs with Carl, Roxy, Dave & Colin other cruisers from the marina

The events prior to a Bike Race including a good turnout of racers

the waterfront park is a great place to go to relax with lots to watch


Rob & Anneke from SV Spunky with her birthday head piece


The Polynesian ladies wear flower headwear for celebrations and Sunday mass. We were celebrating Annekes birthday when she was given one by a Polynesian lady for good luck.




Our bikes came in handy once again to get about town BUT your back in a big city with fast cars and lots to see so accidents happen. I ended up laying up for a week while road rash healed. Oh well! Once healed we headed out to Venus Point to relax at the beach, which is popular on a Sunday
My family came to join us to cruise the Society Islands, which we are heading to next.

We hired a car to tour the 2 islands making up Tahiti and see some of the sights. The road winds along the coast around extinct volcanoes, past seaside villages, marae’s and finally down to Teahupo’o on Tahiti Iti where the famous surfing spot is with a giant wave. The views up at Tahiti Iti’s Belvedere (view) back along the coast was pretty but the sun was setting so alas no photos.

A giant tiki at Marae Ārahurahu and one of the many waterfalls around the island at Vaipãhī water gardens.

hoping for the fountain of youth at Pāroa cliffs


Stunning views along the coast and over to Moorea

Finishing off with dinner at the Roulotte’s (food trucks)

Now we are off to the Society Islands.

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