Beveridge Reef

Along with friends Aline & Luc from S/V Oceana1 we left for Beveridge Reef arriving at this amazing atoll/ reef in the middle of the ocean.Once inside, it was breathtaking with turquoise and deep blue shades of water and waves crashing onto the coral reef.
No land here just a small fishing boat wreck where a boobie rested when we weren’t bugging him. Snorkeling the coral heads near the entrance was a treat with lots of large reef fish who were very friendly and the odd shark lurking.
We only had just over 10 knots of wind but at high tide there was a chop in the lagoon, which made it very rolly even for us on a catamaran. Special place to stay but it was onward bound to Niue with a good weather window and time for more fishing. The pacific has been pretty good at feeding us.

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