Antigua – North Coast

We rounded Boon Point to the North Coast of Antigua, past some really impressive homes on the coastline. We weren’t expecting it to be as built up as it was along the North Coast. Had told my Dad he probably wouldn’t hear from us for some time. Hmmm was I wrong! Internet is amazing in Antigua.







We wound our way through the Boon Channel being careful through the reefs to Jumby Bay on Long Island. We anchored outside another all inclusive resort, which is upwards of US$1400/night. Amazing green water. P1010976a

Long Island is a private island and when you see the homes along the shoreline you know there’s money here. I liked the look of the big infinity pool at one of them and would have loved to sneak ashore for a swim in fresh water. P1010986aP1010988a






We got the kayak’s down and heading around the shoreline where we spotted a lot of colorful starfish in the crystal clear water of the reefs. P1010992aP1010989a






We ended at the beach where we wandered along the white sands and went for a swim outside the resort. The water was incredibly warm and so clear. P1010994a

Antiguas airport is very close and given it was a Saturday we watched ALOT of planes come in, even Air Canada and Westjet.





It felt like we were back in our home in Calgary with the planes coming over the house but these were alot closer and very noisy. Oh the poor people at the resort.



There were a number of cruisers in the bay one being John from S/V Out of Africa who we had met in St Thomas. He invited us over to Maiden Island for a cruiser BBQ. We joined them and enjoyed a couple of beers and dinner before sunset, then we all returned when the bugs started coming out. A nice night out with a friendly group of cruisers.










The mosquito’s drove us nuts that night so we moved on and continued up the channel to Great Bird Island, which is an island in amongst a series of islands within the reefs. We were lucky enough to pick up a free mooring buoy. P1020019aP1020020a






We went ashore just before the skys opened and drenched us. We wandered up the trail to see the views including a couple of blow holes while the birds watched and squawked around us. It was neat to see all the islands in the North channel off Antigua.








The winds have been coming from the South and the West, so bizzar. In the evenings theres hardly a breath of wind so pretty warm. It was very peaceful with just the sound of the birds chirping around us. We awoke to rain and waited for a break in the clouds and some sun to go snorkeling on one of the small islands off Great Bird Island. When the sun came out we jumped into the dingy. The water was crystal clear with lots of shallow coral and a few fish. On return to the boat the skys opened up yet again….see its not always perfect here! Can you see our neighbor?P1020031a

When the skies cleared after lunch we decided to head down to Green Island on the East Coast as the weather looked better.

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