Mt Airy Young Readers Program

I volunteered to help out last Saturday morning at theĀ Mt Airy Young readers program; a program forĀ children in the area who would like a little extra help with their reading, writing and math. Jean Pascal supports and hosts the program out of her garage, which is set up like a small classroom, which extends out into her courtyard depending on the number of kids who turn up. P1020846a

The program relies on volunteers to come along and help assist in working with the children aged between 4 and 17 years. The cruising community helps the volunteer program out by donating books, stationery and time to helping Jean and her husband support these kids.

A great program for everyone involved. I worked with a young 4 year old who unfortunately had lost his mother recently and just needed a little attention. I will be going along to help out again this coming weekend as it really is a amazing program where Jean relies on help from any and all volunteers.

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