Boat jobs completed so far

Staying here in Grenada we have a number of boat jobs on the go when we are not out enjoying Grenada. Some we can do ourselves and some we need help from the experts. So after talking to the experts, waiting for quotes, parts and work to start we can start some of our own jobs.

We have had trouble with water getting into one of our engine compartments and causing some problems with our alternators so Brett removed the old rubber and glue and replaced it for a better fit. He also put extra latches on the cover to ensure its down tight. Now no light can be seen from the inside so, hopefully, no water when under way with following seas.

P1020637aOur fridge and freezer are built into a cabinet. There were a couple of very small vents to allow the hot air out but upon touching the counter or back of the cabinet it was very hot. We have therefore increased the size of the two vents and put an additional two vents in for added air movement.  P1020853aP1020854a






Our biggest project this past week has been installing our new wind generator.  Goal is to supplement the solar panels so we will not need to run the engines much to generate DC electricity. This was not the easiest install but its working and is nice and quiet. P1020863aP1020865a








Don’t worry Brett is not slaving all the time. He does get time to lay back and play on the internet, online shop etc. Note the concentration on his i-pad. Yes he has become a big online shopper….I am getting worried. When we are back in Calgary we will have a pile of things to collect.  P1020780a

I on the other hand have been cleaning our hulls so they don’t grow things, cleaning our trampoline to get rid of dirt and buildup and cleaning the inside of the boat to entertain our friends, so she is spotless of hair and dirt. Note the theme… cleaning. Hmmmm! As Jen from Our Rose said its a constant thing on a boat and oh yes it is.

I did get a chance to get away yesterday for Grenada cooking classes at the Dodgey Dock and it was a goodie. Mangoe, Papaya and Cantaloupe salsa (yum), Bread fruit pie (Ok but not my favorite) and Pan seared seasoned Fish with gravy, a delicious tomato based spicy sauce. Per Ester color is the name of the game and all the dishes were nice and colourful.



We have a busy weekend planned. The annual fishermans birthday and the Victoria Food Fest Saturday night which is a huge party on the streets and lots of cruisers are joining the locals to lime (Lime – you look it up!). Then Sunday we are going to the Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari. Should all be fun.



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