Fishermans Birthday Celebration

June 29th, in the fishing town of Gouyave is the Annual Fisherman’s Birthday, a celebration honoring St Peter  – Patron Saint of Fishermen. As part of the day’s events the fishermen’s boats are blessed for the upcoming fishing season followed by boat races and ending with a street party in the evening. A lot of people come into town to enjoy the music and festivities.  We decided the evening party sounded like fun so joined a few cruisers,  including Jen and Richard from Our Rose and Ian and Wendy from Outsider, and off we went to enjoy the evenings celebrations.

There were some food tents set up, serving all sorts of dishes. We tried a number of dishes including oildown (below), a traditional Grenadian curry dish, which was very tasty.

P1020870aThe party was along the main street which was packed full of people dancing and enjoying each others company.P1020887aP1020877a

We had a lot of fun limin’with friends and the locals.P1020891aP1020900a







A great night in Gouyave.


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