Happy Canada Day

July 1st , its Canada day and yes we think half of Canada is down here, given the number of Canada flags we see behind boats. I noticed the Canada flag painted on a wall along with the Grenada and Trinidad flags near Gouyave this past weekend, great timing. Canada Flag A

There were a few parties going on in the various bays and given we had been out every night for a while we wanted to stay close to home. Mike and Jules from The Flying Buzzard are here in Prickly Bay working on the yacht that had recently been destroyed by fire and invited Canadians over to celebrate Canada Day. Love the Canada flag flying off the crane.   P1020961a

We had read an article in the June 2013 Caribbean Compass Mag back issues about The Flying Buzzard so were interested to meet them and hear their story.





Mike cooked up freshly made Canadian burgers and we sat up on top of the 105 ft tug looking out over the bay. Their hospitality was appreciated.










To all our Canadian family and friends, Happy Canada Day. Hope you had a great day.