Busy week / weekend in Grenada

I have kept myself busy once again, while Brett has done odd jobs around the boat. I went to Grenada cooking class and this week the chefs were kitted out in the Grenadian colours because they were being televised. Once again it was quite entertaining. $EC12 is a bargain as you get the receipes and get to eat at the end of the class. P1020970a

I went to the final summer session of the Mt Airy Readers program, where the kids had a spelling and reading competition followed by a small party. The kids were all so patient sitting while the other kids participated.     P1020973aP1020974a









This is Keisha who was my friend for the morning. She drew me some very colorful pictures while waiting patiently for the party.





All of the children who competed received a certificate and there were prizes for various placings. The kids were so proud and happy to receive their certificates, which was nice to see. P1030025a


This is Cassie and her uncle. I worked with Cassie last week on her reading skills so was happy to see she did well.



As you do we had quite a few social gatherings with friends in the bay and then Richard and Jen from Our Rose invited us to go around to one of the bays for a long weekend for some hobbie cat racing. Maverick’s on tour. Our Rose below….


On the South Coast of Grenada there are a lot of bays so it was nice to get out and see them and go touring by sea again. There were some pretty interesting looking homes about.



Hobbie cat racing at the Le Phare Bleu Yachtclub was a blast, with 20 teams competing over the day. Our friends from Prickly Bay came over to support which was awesome. Jen and I teamed up and did very well for complete beginners. Jen ran the sheets while I worked the rudder. We ended up going out twice as we won our first race, much better than the boys! Alas we did not win our next race. Competition was tough. We were very happy with our day.













Richard and Brett went solo but must have had tougher competition as they were out after their first races so at the end they had a race against each other with Richard winning. Excellent time.  P1030082aP1030077a






The weekend ended at the Whisper Cove Marina for Jam night, where some cruisers get together and play music.


Off to Grenada Marina as the parts are in for our alternators. At last!



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