Peter Island, BVI

We enjoyed New Years in Great Harbor on Peter Island just around the corner from the luxurious resort on the island. At the end of the bay there is a cut where you can walk through to the resort. Deadman beach is a beautiful beach where the resorts guests can lounge in chairs and look out at the yachts in the bay. P1040650

From Deadmans bay there was a 5 mile hike called the sunset loop, which we decided to do. Great exercise up and down the hills and along the ridge out to the end of the island where there were these colorful chairs that you could sit on and watch the sun set. Amazing views around the island from all sorts of viewing platforms built along the way with water containers. Wow, nice.P1040652



Brett liked the look of the huge wind turbine, which was very loud when you got up close to it. A little too big for the boat, honey.


We were anchored in a nice sheltered part of Great Harbor bay. The snorkeling off the boat was very good with lots of good coral and fish. Saw your typical barracuda who follows you to see what you are up to in his area. There was a big turtle that was feeding on something and was not bothered by us admiring him.

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