Our 1st Passage

Our 1st passage, the anticipation and energy we all had to be on the move. We had worked hard to get her ready and after training around Chagaramus, Trinidad we started our planning. In order to experience an overnight sail we made plans to head to Tobago to meet up with Robert, from Carnival. The day prior to leaving we studied the weather maps and learned of a storm coming over the Atlantic and approaching Tobago warning of high swells. The trip was to be rough anyway and high swells were not needed for our 1st passage. We decided to head north bound toward Tobago Cays where the waters were turquoise and there were white sandy beaches. How quickly plans change, the beauty of not being on a schedule.

We left on a Thursday, 7th March, as starting a voyage on a Friday is a no no and as we need all the luck we can get you respect this old superstition. We had a couple of fishing lines out on the passage but didn’t catch anything even with me chumming the waters. Oh no…….not a good feeling. There are all sorts of places to rest up.









After 14 hours we decided to stop in Prickley Bay, Grenada for a new main halyard. We figured we could go faster if the main sail would stay up!

While Brett and I were ashore getting the new main halyard Johan and Marlene surprised us and obtained some crayfish from a local fisherman, which was cooked on the BBQ  that evening..







Memories came back of 8 months previously when Brett met Catlyn and her family at the same bay, Prickley Bay.


Prickley Bay, Grenada

With a shiny new German main halyard we left Grenada and continued on towards St. Vincent & the  Grenadines with a night in Tyrrel Bay on the northern Grenada island of Carriacou.


Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou Island had so much character.



80% social

Johan & Marlene tell us regularly that this life is 80% social and 20% physical work. We just need to find balance after working and preparing the boat to launch.

We have met so many great people while in Trinidad to start enjoying that 80% social time. While carnival was on it was 100% social with an amazing atmostphere around Port of Spain with lots of people liming.

2013 Trinidad carnival 258a

2013 Trinidad carnival 283a


The Avenue in Port of Spain has many clubs & bars and great Doubles served on the road side.

2013 Trinidad carnival 853a

We really enjoyed Sails at Power Boats where we enjoyed Lobster with Dennis & Phoebe and Paul from the Seismic Industry, whilst sampling smooth rum and good wine.

March 3 2013 sailing 001a

March 3 2013 sailing 004a



March 3 2013 sailing 006aThen of course there is Johan and Marlenes local restaurant where they have perfected the art of socializing and serving up tasty meals. Thanks for the lessons in the kitchen and at sea.

Trinidad Feb 2013 011a

Trinidad 3 March 2013 014a





Trinidad 3 March 2013 015a

Lemon Meringue, delicious.

We look forward to entertaining our friends on board just as they have and enjoying more of the 80% social scene.



Trinidad – Carnival 2013

Well we have arrived in Trinidad to our wonderfully clean catamaran who has sat patiently waiting for our return and exciting times ahead! At the boat yard the local bar Zanzibar meets all our needs on our night of arrival. 2013 Trinidad carnival 851

2013 Trinidad carnival 850


We planned our return to coincide with Carnival. Wow, what an amazing place to be! With Carnival being on, there are lots of events happening around town!

The Trinidadians’ start planning Carnival  7+ months in advance and you can see the excitement on everyone’s faces. There is a huge amount of work that has been done with fetes (parties) planned all the way up to Carnival and amazing incredible costumes worn by the participants on both day 1 and day 2.


2013 Trinidad carnival 1072013 Trinidad carnival 688

2013 Trinidad carnival 443

There are a lot of events outside of the street parade, which you can participate in and which go all night long! You need to pace yourselves.  During the 2 days of Carnival everyone gets involved in the experience with the streets being full of both spectators and participants. It is a busy place!  There are a lot of vendors selling food, beer and pop and good friends that pass you a beer or 2 while wandering with their band through Port of Spain streets.  2013 Trinidad carnival 0992013 Trinidad carnival 861

2013 Trinidad carnival 880

Our friends had organized to participate in Carnival and had an amazing time enjoying the atmosphere.

2013 Trinidad carnival 897

Margaretha, Nick, Sandra and Marlene all from South Africa

2013 Trinidad carnival 597

Could not believe we spotted Claire a friend of Margarethas from Jamaica in the crowd

2013 Trinidad carnival 872

We had a great time wandering the streets and enjoying the atmosphere. It was hot but well worth being there for Carnival. A most enjoyable event to participate in!





2013 Trinidad carnival 8942013 Trinidad carnival 896