West coast, Martinique

We anchored in Anse Mitan over the bay from Fort De France, which looked like it was a real touristy place to wander around. Its a winter tourist town with a lot of french boutiques and restaurants. In the centre of town there are some cute colorful buildings but also there are alot of buildings that need work.  The beach was ok but not like most other Caribbean destinations. Maybe the beaches will be better further around the coast.







We had heard good things of the beach at Grande Anse D’Arlet so headed around the point and were not disappointed.  The bay was busy with lots of yachts so we had obviously found the right place to be. The Northern end of the beach has some fancy holiday homes and the centre area of the beach had lots of restaurants and bars.  The water was so clear and really warm for swimming after our walk.



We walked over to Petite Anse D’Arlet to get some exercise. Would have been perfect to ride our bikes but the walk worked out good. It’s a really nice looking town with a picturesque church, a promenade, colorful buildings and yet another nice beach. Of course we keep turning up in town when everyone is having their seister or at lunch so don’t see the shops open. Maybe Brett is doing that on purpose. P1020351aP1020348a






We wandered the beach which was busy and found a restaurant right on the beach to enjoy a nice cold beer, deserved after a walk in that heat. It’s hot down here.P1020355aP1020352a

The dingy docks in these French Islands are amazing and sometimes you see some strange boats tied up to them.


We got up and left Grande Anse D’Artlet early with the hope of making some head way East to Marin before the trade winds picked up and we’d be going head into the winds. We were out in 50+metres of water going past Diamond Head Rock when we unfortunately picked up an ancient chunk of fishing net in one of our propellers. Ouch!


The seas were a bit rough to sort this mess out so we headed to Baie Du Marigot to find calmer waters. This bay looked like a pretty place and nice & calm for Brett to get under the boat. As the net was so old and weak it did no permanent damage to the propeller or sail drive seal. This part of the coast looked really nice and would probably be great to drive along.P1020386aP1020390a












After getting things sorted and back with 2 engines we beat our way into the wind to Marin, a huge French yachting centre and wandered into town along the many marinas. Incredible the way they have everyone squeezed in along the dock. There must be over 1000 boats here and yes it is dark and did rain.P1020409aP1020400a


We are moving between the busy bay and a nice sheltered anchorage off Club Med behind a reef. One of our alternators is not charging so we need someone to look at it in town and repair or yes buy a new one and as the weather is not too good at the moment its a perfect time to get this sorted. The bay is busy with yachts coming and going, boat races, jet skis buzzing around; so lots to watch. Have even managed to get the kayaks out and go hunting in the mangroves.P1020398aP1020404a









So yes we are here in Marin until the weather clears and the winds calm so we can head south again.

Fort De France, Martinique

Well we arrived in Fort De France in the morning after having passed by Dominica and through 2 squalls picking up an extra passenger, Mr Mahi the 3rd. Brett was very proud of himself as this guy was a jumper.


Fort De France is the capital of Martinique a busy city with lots of shopping and restaurants. We actually anchored right off the Fort near the centre of town. P1020313aP1020318a

We wandered around some of the streets grabbing provisions and hunting Internet down. The French Islands have not been so forthcoming with free wire-fi, which has been tough after getting it everywhere in Antigua.

We have decided to spend about 5 days in Martinique and will just go from bay to bay down the coast.