Happy Mothers Day

Brett and I would like to say “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY” to our mums. You have been great and we hope you both know it. Hope you have a fabulous day on YOUR special day. Sorry we can’t be there to share it.

Mothers are a special thing as they nurture, protect, support and help us grow. Thanks for everything Mum.

To all other mums out there keep up the good work. It may be hard some days but your kids will appreciate everything you have done one day. It just take time for them to realize how important you were and are in their lives.

We hope all you Mums out there have a great day.

The Drought has ended

Well Brett had this brilliant idea to ride our bikes to Isabella on the North Coast from Esperanza on the South Coast, to clear out of customs. The ride was interesting  with us seeing wild horses and lots of pitbulls that came out to say hi… not! Anyway we made it, cleared out and then proceeded to do some touring and visiting the 375 year old Ceiba Tree, which was pretty cool.P1010701a

On the way back we stopped at the Tin Box for a much needed break after all the hills we climbed. Brett’s bike has 6 gears while mine has 3, not sure how that worked! The food was amazing and the breeze at the top of the hill appreciated.P1010711a

We left our spot at Sun Bay, which was very busy at the weekend with boats over from Fajardo, PR enjoying the soft sand and warm waters.P1010716a

Heading South East with 15-25 KN Easterlies, Brett put the fishing lines out for the first time since Johan had left.

P1010721aWe were on a north bound tack as we couldn’t sail tight enough to the seas to reach St Croix in one tack. I saw some birds on the surface and so we headed in that direction. Low and behold the Dorado ate our artificial squid lures. We hand lined them in. Seismic Wave has now officially ended its drought hooking 2 large Dorado’s (Mahi Mahi), that Brett used as arm weights during his afternoon workout.


Brett filleted the fish on the way to Christiansted, St Croix where we flashing the BBQ up and enjoyed a fest with a well earned beer or 2. There are 9 more feasts to come. P1010728a




Birthday boy

Well March is a popular birthday month in our family. Brett started his birthday in Tobago Cays and loved hearing everyone sing happy birthday to him. No, really he did…..surprised? He even got his favorite cheese cake….

Bequia Tob Cays St Vincent 034a

We decided to leave Tobago Cays and head North again; Brett was to relax for his big B Day and Teresa was to take lessons by being skipper. Oh yeah….

Bequia Tob Cays St Vincent 041a



Trust me it wasn’t this relaxing the whole way I can assure you.



Brett relaxed, cooked lunch, read , slept and enjoyed his day sailing back to Bequia.  Bequia Tob Cays St Vincent 044a

Bequia Tob Cays St Vincent 045a





Bequia Tob Cays St Vincent 046a



Bequia Tob Cays St Vincent 047a






After 5 hours of tacking back and forth we arrived back in Port Elizabeth, Bequia where it was calm. We were all in need of a drink and some food. We started at the Whalebone Bar for a few drinks and then moved onto the Gingerbread House for curry dinner.Bequia Tob Cays St Vincent 052a

Bequia Tob Cays St Vincent 053a

Bequia Tob Cays St Vincent 058a

Bequia Tob Cays St Vincent 060a






All in all a great B day and evening for the Birthday Boy.


Birthday Girl

My birthday this year started out at a house party at friends of Margarethas. At the stroke of midnight Margaretha brought out a mini cheese cake with candles and everyone sung Happy Birthday to me. A huge surprise as I only knew a handful of people yet Margarethas friends made us feel very welcome.

Trinidad 3 March 2013 039a



Everyone was so friendly and it was great standing outside enjoying the atmostphere and great music until the wee hours of the morning.


Trinidad 3 March 2013 034a

In the morning Marlene, Johan, Marco and Brett sang Happy Birthday to me again and I enjoyed yet another cake. What a treat, so spoilt.

Trinidad 3 March 2013 050a

After picking up Dennis Jordhoy, a doodlebugger and his partner Phoebe and Margaretha we sailed with the scretcher to Chacachacare Island. On the way we were joined by a pod of dolphins who played in the bow wave of the boat.

March 3 2013 sailing 023aMarch 3 2013 sailing 019a






We anchored in the bay near the old Leper Colony. Everyone enjoyed the water swimming by the boat, diving off the hard bimini, kayaching and socializing.

March 3 2013 sailing 033a

March 3 2013 sailing 034a





March 3 2013 sailing 036aTrinidad 3 March 2013 065a

Johan and Marlene cooked us a feast of BBQ chicken strips, spicy sausages, baked potatoes & salad followd by Lemon Meringues. (see previous post, 80% social)

Before we knew it we had to head back so we sailed with the sun setting behind us. The end to a perfect day for my birthday an incredible sunset.

Trinidad 3 March 2013 073a

A new adventure soon….

Well Brett and I have decided to take a new adventure. For those of you that know Brett he has always had a dream of sailing and so in June he headed down to Grenada to meet a wonderful South African couple and their two sons, who were selling their Maverick 40ft Catamaran. I had already fallen in love with “Catlyn” from pictures online and envied the travelling life Johan & Marlene had. Brett spent four days in and around Grenada sailing with the family, who also showed him a good time in a few local bars.

June 2012 054a

They were all great and Brett was happy so yes we purchased Catlyn.


In July Brett and I went down to Trinidad to finalize the sale and get Catlyn out of the water and on to the hard. Exciting times!




Thankfully Johan and Marlene were awesome teaching us what we need to do to prepare a boat for the hard.



We left Trinidad with a list of things we need to do, buy and get ourselves ready for the new year and our new adventure! Johan, Marlene and Marco will be joining us to teach us how to prepare the boat to get back in the water and of course sail and maintain Catlyn.  We of course are now very busy downsizing and selling things….. its incredible the amount of “stuff” you accumulate and keep!!