Charleston, SC

We have had fun with Audrey & Grant seeing various sights around Charleston and the Isle of Palms where we stayed.

For one we have entered alligator country and yes have spotted these guys in various lakes in the area we are staying. We are not used to seeing alligators and so they definitely intrigued us.



At Fort Moultrie on Sullivan Island we learnt a little about the civil war and toured through the Fort which was built to protect the city of then named Charles Town. It is an impressive structure at the harbor entrance to Charleston.

We visited the Drayton plantation including Drayton Hall. The land was originally purchased in 1738 and the main house built on soon after, staying with the Drayton family for 7 generations until being sold to the National Trust in 1974 for Preservation. The house stands still with no electricity, water etc.

The community we were in had 2 golf Courses so…..why not.

Brett and I caught the water taxi into Charleston one day to wander the town and see the various style of homes in town. Halloween is coming up so some of the homes are decorated ready to scare.










Grant & Audrey went to see the USS Yorkton aircraft carrier built during WWII. It looks amazing from the harbor and had some interesting tales i.e. It served as a recovery ship for Apollo 8 and has a interactive presentation of the Apollo mission to the moon.

Of course a day trip into Charleston Harbor on Seismic Wave ended up being a great day out.

Thanks for all the running about Grant to our favorite and needed stores. It was a great to see you both.


Time to continue heading south.