Back in West Palm Beach, Florida

We decided to stay in Isle of Palm, SC for a few weeks relaxing, getting jobs done and meeting some great locals. When you have to buy a heater for the boat to stay warm you know it’s getting cold and we need to head further south. The weather was great for sailing on the outside (Atlantic Ocean) as opposed to sticking to the Inter-coastal waterway (ICW) so we decided to hit the ocean. We got to use our new screecher, which was great.

At Hilton Head we stopped to check out this golfing mecca. On the way into the dock this dolphin met us and escorted us in swimming along beside us; such beautiful peaceful animals. Ended up riding our bikes out and along the beach. Perfect weather for cycling but still we needed jackets.

We stopped at St Augustine FL and moored just off Castillo de San Marcos. Perfect spot to get ashore and to watch all the tourists out enjoying the boardwalk and riding around in the horse and carts hearing the stories of Old St Augustine. We cycled and walked all about the town area. Got our fill of exercise that’s for sure!
Can you spot us anchored off the fort at the end of the cannon.


In St Augustine we organized a new flag for our boat which won’t fade and shred.


Once we entered Florida the wind seemed to disappear so we decided if we were motoring why not have something to look at, so we re-entered the ICW. Peck Lake just south of Fort Pierce was a very pretty area where you could walk thru the rolling sand dunes to this Sandy beach. Yeah warm at last!


We went through 9 ICW bridges on our last day to reach West Palm where we entered the US nearly 6 months ago. The ICW changed from this natural beauty to being built up with condos and big homes. P1070568

Isn't Florida meant to be warmer?

Isn’t Florida meant to be warmer?


Our home in West Palm Beach at the waterfront

Our home in West Palm Beach off the waterfront

Time for some big food provisioning and final jobs before heading to the Bahamas and West Carribean/Central America.